20141022_seoulbeats_hellovenus_seoyoung_yeoreumDebuting in 2012, Hello Venus entered the K-pop scene as Nu’est’s sister group. Their debut was marked by cute antics, and they continued this trend, ramping up the sugary sweetness in Do You Want Some Tea?.

Unfortunately, after that, they disappeared for a year and have not been heard from until they announced member departures earlier this year. Leader Yoo Ara and fellow member Yoon-jo left the group in July to pursue other musical activities — although these activities have not yet surfaced.

After the departure of Ara and Yoon-jo, Hello Venus was set to continue solely under Fantagio instead of being a joint project between Fantagio and Pledis Entertainment.

Now, along with announcing Hello Venus’s impending comeback, Fantagio has also announced the addition of two new members: Seo-young (left) and Yeo-reum (right). This brings the totals members back to six: Alice, Lime, Nara, Yoo-young, and now Seo-young and Yeo-reum.

Their comeback is scheduled for November and will be produced by Brave Brothers, raising anticipation for Hello Venus’s return. Hopefully, the member additions will stabilize the group and allow them to continue forward, delivering catchy music and capturing hearts.

Excited for Hello Venus’s comeback? How do you feel about the new members?