Happy Friday, and here’s your open thread for this week’s episodes of “You From Another Star.”

Spoilers don’t go beyond episode 14, since I haven’t see 15 yet:

– I brought up in a previous thread that I didn’t really find Shin Sung-rok all that convincing and a couple of you disagreed. I still stand by this and I feel like the more his villain role gets upped as the conflict gets stronger, the less believable Shin becomes. His weirdly coiffed hair and annoying ring-touching habit don’t make it any better.

– Does it really annoy anyone else when the villain is always one step ahead of our heros? I audibly sighed out of frustration when Evil Brother revealed to Do Min-joon that he knew Do Min-joon can’t kill, because he’ll also die if he does. We’re 7 episodes away from the end, can our protagonists get a little quicker on their feet please?

– I’m really loving Hwi-kyung. Some second leads like Hwi-kyung can get overbearing in their unrequited-love-ness, but he hits the perfect balance between being in love and not being super annoying and totally unrealistic about his devotion to the first lead. I find it sweet.

Discuss amongst yourselves!