Here’s another open thread for this week’s episodes of You From Another Star!

Some open-ended questions:

– Is Ahn Jae-hyun going to be the next big thing or is he going to be the next big thing?!

– I had forgotten how much I liked watching Park Hae-jin, so I’m glad he was cast in this and I’m glad this drama is propelling him to other things (next up: medical drama with Lee Jong-seok!).

– On that note, I hope that Jeon Ji-hyun will frequent the silver screen more. This is her first drama in more than a decade and while I know she’s probably going to zoom right back to doing movies, I really hope she can do dramas on a more regular basis going forward. This drama goes to show that she can do a lot with quirky characters and it’d be a waste for her to do nothing but the heavier, blockbuster stuff she’s been doing in movies.

(Image via SBS)