20140207_seoulbeats_sunmi_fullmoon2It’s official: Sunmi is on her way back to K-pop!

Following her successful solo debut with “24 Hours,” Sunmi announced that she was preparing for a comeback; and at midnight in Seoul, she uploaded the first couple of teaser images to Twitter.

It’s a bit Gothic and it’s a bit creepy, but there is a romantic wistfulness to these images: Sunmi cuts a lonely figure both inside and out of a bare, snow-dusted cottage, the full moon her only company. The image has sparked questions of a possible vampire theme for Sunmi’s first solo comeback; even though vampires in K-pop feel so 2012, it would nonetheless be interesting to see how Sunmi and JYPE would handle such a concept — if it is at all a vampire concept.

The lead-up to the image releases came in the form of an open Twitter Q&A session run by Sunmi herself. Most of the discussion was in Korean, but there were a couple of English tweets which were responded to:

— Sunmi (@sunmi_official) February 6, 2014


“Full Moon” is slated for a February 17th release: readers, what are your thoughts on these teasers? Has it gotten you even more excited for Sunmi’s comeback? And does anyone else want her blingy manicure, or is that just me?

(Twitter, JYP Entertainment)