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    I like
    Dark Matter: Gothicism In K-Pop MVs

  • Jessica Cottle

    Lee Jung Hyun’s “V” was satisfyingly unsettling.

  • WorthInClay

    I really enjoy B2ST’ s Shadow – both the MV and the song. I think it must be the artistically darkest K-pop MV I have ever seen. It’s one of those songs which I can’ t help that I must watch, and not just listen to – and it’s not even like I want to watch the MV just because of my bias (since my bias is not in B2ST). But I just like to watch spooky painted man suddenly teleport on screen, wave his dark flag around and flips a somersault and pretty girl turns spookily painted. And Junhyung flipping the whites of his eyes gives me the kick somehow. (LoL… I guess I am not really a summer person)

    B2ST is not working too much in their choreography, but that’s fine for me because I get bored with watching angsty grasps at the air, angsty grasps at the temples of the heads and angsty grasps at the chests. I think B2ST has moved beyond that. Among them, I think Hyunseung, Junhyung and Yoseob are working the mood of the song most effectively. In all, I can appreciate that the director works his own concept of darkness, without having to resorting to making every band member act as dark as possible.

    Lee Jung Hyun’s MV is interestingly filmed – reminds me of the animated Corpse Bride turn alive. But the song does not get me.

    Listen to Hyde a few times, but just can’t get into it. But the guy with the long hair is indeed creepy scary without much mark-up needed.

    Summary, B2ST Shadow is my spooky summer jam!

    Just thinking it’ll be fun if someone do a remake of Dark Shadows in K-pop MVs – it could be damn fun.

    • Nicey Monteclaro

      lol at dark shadows… that movie had a lot of stuff going on in it but it was really interesting and fun…
      we’ll see vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc… if kpop will make that kind of video… i’m anticipating who might be able to pull that off…

      • WorthInClay

        LoL… Jokwon pops right up in my mind when you ask who might be able to pull that off! He will make it sooo fun!

  • pending

    I’m completely obsessed with Lee Jung Hyun’s “V” right now– I had never heard of her before but I was completely blown away. I love the disconnect between the lyrics where she’s playing hard to get, and the visuals where she’s literally got her claws in the poor guy. The aegyo-puncturing babydoll dresses, the world’s unsexiest panty-shots, the faces she pulls for every ‘la-da-di-da-dee-da’, the zombie bridesmaids, the slutty vs. saintly wedding dresses, the surprisingly scary storyline… I love it all.

    • M_Lita

      I love “V” also and for the same things you mentioned. I just wanted to add the MV was directed by Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Thirst, Sympathy for Mr/Lady Vengeance and Stoker) and that explains quite a bit XD

      • pending

        That was actually what got me to watch in the first place! “The director of Oldboy does a Kpop MV? I have GOT to see this.”

  • find_nothing_here

    While I liked “V” very much, I can’t help but wonder at how we wouldn’t be able to play the same situation for comedy had the genders been reversed.

  • Your Ahjumma

    IDK about other people but I really enjoy these type of MVs. :)

    An interesting break from the mega-colorful and flashy videos.

  • cbuzz

    one dark maybe gothic video i’m anticipating is Brown Eyed Girls Kill Bill. The teaser looks deliciously creepy though we didn’t get a good clip of the song the video definitely teases well