Welcome back to another instalment of For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take time out of the week to curate a set of photos from the K-pop landscape.

The vibrant summer sun may be rising and setting later as we round the corner into the fall, but we still need shades for these shiny stars. Husky rapper Mingi from Ateez just about stops hearts with his casual Instagram post, high contrast and a direct look into the camera making the simple photo even more impactful. Other idols such as Jaehyun from NCT, Sunmi, and Haerin from NewJeans don’t wear sunnies like Mingi—or his fellow Ateez member Hongjoong—but they shine nonetheless through creative light leaks, silky metallic fabric, and accented golden jewelry.

(Images via KQ Entertainment, NV Entertainment, ICON Magazine, Dior, Tory Burch, Golden Goose, Arena, Marie Claire, MEN Noblesse, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Altered States.)