The girl group, Loona, unfortunately disbanded due to disputes with their agency, Blockcherry. Originally a twelve-member group, Loona continued as an eleven-group member in 2020 due to the removal of Chuu. In 2022, it was reported that all but two members filed injunctions against their agency. To cut to the chase, all members of Loona are no longer under their former agency. Loosemble is a newly formed group consisting of five former Loona members, Hyunjin, Vivi, Gowon, Hyeju, and Yeojin. They are now under the agency CTDENM, and are embarking on a United States tour for their debut.

Along with the debut single, “Sensitive,” they have also released an album of the same name as their new group, Loosemble. While there are six new songs for the members to perform, it is unclear if they will also be performing Loona songs while on tour, or will focus on their sub-units and fan engagement to fill up the time. It is great to see that they are still prospering after their unfortunate disbandment. With their new MV for their single, “Sensitive,” Loosemble show that they are still a set of strong performers who are now able to showcase more of their talents with fewer members. Additionally, they have not abandoned their Loonaverse and are creating a new world for fans to speculate and analyze.

The fun and smooth pop track, “Sensitive,” is paired with an equally energetic MV. Performance-wise, we get to see each member truly shine when it comes to their vocals or dance routine. Vivi and Gowon serve mostly as the rappers with cute little quips throughout the songs. Hyunjin is still a lead vocalist with the most lyrics in the song, and she is definitely able to handle them. That is not to say that Hyejin and Yeojin do not hold their own as vocalists, as the trio produced some lovely harmonies. Overall, they are a good variety of singers, dancers, and rappers who have made a decent new group. The vocals are crisp and clean, and the dance routine is intense and perky.

Fans will probably be analyzing every bit of this MV, but there are some obvious references that even a non-fan would see. At the beginning of the MV, two older women are driving off in a convertible that seemingly references the film, Thelma and Louise. This movie is largely known for the two protagonists’ undying friendship for one another. The clock on the dashboard shows a countdown started from the number twelve (the original number of members), and this is referenced again at the end when there are twelve minutes left. Seemingly going through a tunnel to the past, Gowon and Hyeju are the drivers, in the present time showing their continued friendship. Later in the video, all five members are riding together indicating their strong connection with one another despite all odds.

In the middle of the MV, the members are auditioning, possibly for Loosemble in front of some judges. They seem pretty oblivious to the serious stares of the judges and are clearly just enjoying themselves. Perhaps they are showing that do not care about their past judgment and are now confident in their own abilities. The rest of the MV shows exactly more of that happiness as they perform at a rollerskate rink and football field. On the football field, the members are wearing school uniforms, and are joined by more dancers creating a big performance that may remind some of their pre-release, “Favorite.”

There is also a tone shift in the MV when the members switch to a more romantic outfit and set change. Additionally, there are several references to Loonaverse. There are symbols like satellites, telescopes, and the viewing of the moon landing that refer back to the original lore of Loona which took place in outer space. While the rest of the MV is sort of carefree, there are more eerie scenes like the moment when they stare at a mineral rock. It goes to show that while the MV may seem simple, it is meant to signify a new adventure.

The ending ties everything together, bringing us back to the original lore of Loona while also beginning their new storyline as Loosemble. Hyunjin, who was the leader of Loona, is released from a pod. In the background, there are twelve pods in total, the original number of members. Noticeably there are three members still in their pods, while the others show to have been opened. Vivi then embraces the awakened Hyunjin, and it is important to note that these two were the first members of Loosemble. Their spacecraft is on its way to Earth which is referring to their debut as well as their new tour. This is the beginning of the new world of Loosemble, and we can only wait and see if it will connect back to the other members of Loona.

Loosemble’s “Sensitive” definitely does not disappoint whether you are a long-time fan or new to the group. They still have the melodic pop songs along with the energetic dance routine. It might be hard to start on a new universe, but the members are staying true to their roots and continuing what the fans love to see. Hopefully, the group have a successful album release along with a great tour.

(Youtube. Images via CTDENM.)