20131130_blockb_taeil_ceciDecember already! It’s going to be 2014 before you know it, and a bunch of idols will have won awards they don’t deserve and a bunch of fans will have viciously fought (over the internet) over it. Mmm, December in K-pop, you sure are repetitive.

With that said, what is your favorite K-pop end-of-year show? Mnet’s MAMA awards always kicks off the year-end season, but there are still others, including the Golden Disk Awards and, of course, all the gayos from the different stations. There are a couple of awards in January too, so feel free to throw those into your grab bag of choices.

Year-end shows are also a good time for special stages, some of which are whacky, but some can be pretty fantastic. What special stage do you want to see this year, and with which artists?

(Images via Ceci)