Happy Sunday. Almost November already. Let’s talk duo subunits today.

We’ve been getting teasers for Trouble Maker, and from the looks of the preview video for “Now,” the song might live up to the success of the duo’s first song:

And Cube is pushing for the sexy, romantic-chemistry thing pretty hard — which is a nice change since female idols often have to sell sex, but pretend not to be sexy — but on the flip side, they’re maybe pushing too hard. Here’s the couple actually kissing, here’s Hyuna perched atop Hyunseung in a car suggesting some … frisky times, and here’s Hyuna in Hyunseung’s arms with her legs around his waist. Subtle Cube is not.

The crazier thing is that two K-pop idols of the opposite sex openly showing actual sexual attraction towards each other is an absolute rarity in K-pop, so Trouble Maker is actually really unique for its time, despite the fact that it’s just a concept.

But the problem Trouble Maker has is that the two Hyuns … don’t actually have chemistry with each other. I applaud Hyuna for being really devoted to this concept and playing her part, but Hyunseung looks completely uninterested (or incapable of showing any interest?) and the whole thing makes me feel weird, instead of, y’know, hot.

If you could recast Trouble Maker, which idols would the duo consist of? Who within Cube would you cast, and then run wild with possibilities outside of Cube. (I think even replacing Hyunseung with Junhyung, a la Hyuna’s first ever solo single, would show a noticeable difference in chemistry.)

Go crazy!

(Images via Cube Entertainment)