Bond. James Bond.

There’s something about that three-word phrase that just kicks the imagination into overdrive. Explosions, gadgets, women; it’s all encompassed in that simple utterance. Of course, that insanity is backed by an eclectic collection of songs that are only united by the man they were written for.

There is something about the Bond theme. Larger than life, fraught with danger, and catchy as hell, the Bond themes are as iconic as the movies themselves — in some cases, more so. But every so often we hear a song that captures the essence of risk and tension, and makes us think it should be heard behind cinema’s greatest spy. Here is our playlist of K-pop songs that really should be Bond themes.

Special mention goes to Ha:tfelt‘s “Bond,” which inspired this whole playlist, but sadly is not on Spotify.

Are there any K-pop songs that you would love to hear behind Bond, James Bond? Leave them in the comments!