20121208_seoulbeats_yg_family_2Welcome to another Comments of the Week!

This week in idol and music news, we looked at past and/or recent works of Sunny Hill, MBLAQ, Younha, uBeat, K.Will, PSY, and Delight.

For film, fashion, and TV topics, we covered the best of last week’s music shows, up-close-and-personal fashion shots of April, the fate of Akdong Musician, final thoughts on That Winter, The Wind Blows, and some favorite instrumental OSTs.

As for socio-cultural topics, Dana shared her thoughts regarding the North Korea situation.

Amy also held a special Chat Box this week featuring the amazingly talented MYK. If you haven’t heard of him, do yourself a favor: listen to this, and then watch the sheer awesomeness of this:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE_KTRQccwA&w=560&h=315]

Here are three short-but-sweet comments from our readers that caught my eye from this week:

RC_RC on Counterpoint: So Listen, About This North Korea Business…:

I think that that is how the human mind often works. People need to know and be able to identify before caring about other people else it all remains an abstraction. People start to care about things like the holocaust via stories like Anne Frank‘s diary because they can identify with Anne. Just saying that 6 million people died is not enough, that is too abstract.

Conversation on Will Akdong Musicians Become The Next Lee Hi?:


JYP was totally all over BYD it was annoying, then hilariously annoying.

Wishing Akdong could sign with more independent, smaller labels honestly because the thing with the big 3s, as much as they “produce” the KPop wonders we see everywhere today, I feel like the artists don’t get as much creative freedom – which Akdong has so friggin’ much that I really hope they don’t get contained in some cookie-cutter KPop mold, forced to conform. Don’t get me wrong – I love some of the big 3s present stars but I just think Akdong truly is unique and whoever they sign on will recognize, respect and allow them the artistic freedom I think they deserve. Mad talents!


It’s not even just that their musical creativity might get stifled, but it’s also that it doesn’t seem like the Big 3 are very eager to debut anyone either. I mean JYP seems to be going through quite a rough patch, SM debuted EXO relatively recently, and YG already has that one girl group lined up to debut, not to mention the disbandment of Supearls too. I wonder if Akdong Musicians could go indie or something…

As always, thanks for being awesome readers! Feel free to leave additional comments below.

(YouTube [1], Images via Heritory, YG Entertainment, SBS)