Everyone reserving judgement on Psy‘s latest release until the MV came out, is he “gonna make you sweat?”

Following the song’s release on the 12th of April, the maverick rapper debuted the “Gentleman” MV at his Happening! concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium some hours ago, and shortly after the concert’s conclusion uploaded the clip to his YouTube channel:

The MV features a carefree Psy being as antisocial as possible (why would you do that to Yoo Jae-suk? Or to those women??) before deciding instead to seduce Brown Eyed Girls maknae Ga-in and dance the night away with her — and a troupe of dancers.

Speaking of the dance, let’s talk about “Gentleman’s” signature move: the hip-sway doesn’t belong to Brown Eyed Girls, per se, but their use of it in “Acradabra” is nigh on iconic, so it’s surprising that it’s used here by Psy; even the rotating part seen in “Abracadra” is included here. Of course, Psy’s got a Brown Eyed Girls member dancing with him, which could be taken as homage/endorsement/sharing; and he still has that other dance move, which I have dubbed the “leaving-the-haters-behind” trot.

But what do you think, readers? Any alternative dance names for that second move? And did you catch the concert on YouTube (or live)? Let us know your thoughts and more in the comments below!