The title says it all. In light of San-E’s current… controversy…

You know what, no.

San-E is a polarizing figure in Korean hip-hop. There are moments when he uses his (probably self-inflicted) infamy to make valuable commentary on South Korean society. However, there are moments, like the one on November 16, when he uses that platform to expose just how ass backward he actually is. His mindsets, whether he thinks so himself or not, aren’t as progressive as he leads people to believe. With his cheap shots at women’s movements in Korea and feminism in general, it’s obvious he’s got the same archaic patriarchal views as a large percentage of his male peers. Spoiler alert: just because you call yourself a feminist doesn’t mean you are, asshole.

So, obviously this list is dedicated to the self-proclaimed lover of women and believer in a woman’s right to be done with the bullshit (only in extreme cases, of course). To our local piss-baby “feminish,” a love letter. Naturally beginning with the loudest and proudest feminist rapper in the game: SLEEQ.