20130323_seoulbeats_missa_fei_1stlookHappy Sunday! It’s officially spring, but it just refuses to be spring-like around these parts in New York. “What a great winter we’re having this spring!” is probably one of the best posts I’ve seen on Tumblr as of late.

What’s the weather like in other parts of the world? The grass is always greener, blah blah blah, but I am sick of this snow and wind and cloudyness.

Has anyone been catching Fei on Dancing With the Stars 3 and Celebrity Top Chef? Girl is killin’ it with variety appearances right now. It’s time more members from Miss A are getting spotlighted.

Tangentially related, I’m really enjoying EvoL‘s “Get Up,” which needs a better chorus but is an otherwise great song. You know who’d do a better job performing it though? Miss A.

(Images via Nylon, 1st Look)