20130317_seoulbeats_fx_krystal_voguegirlHappy St. Patrick’s Day, to all who celebrate!

Lots of dramas to mention, so this will be the drama edition of Sunday Social.

  • I wasn’t going to watch Suzy and Lee Seung-gi‘s “Gu Family Book,” but Sung Joon just got cast, and … dammit.
  • Moon Geun-young is set to headline a new sageuk and I am quite excited. It’s been a while since she’s done a good drama (sadface) and I hope she gets a great male lead to work off of. Jung Il-woo, maybe? It’s time he didn’t get sporked to death in a sageuk finale :\
  • Also waiting to hear about Gong Hyo-jin‘s male lead in her upcoming summer drama. Can’t wait for summer drama season.
  • I absolutely LOVED Song Ji-hyo and Lee Dong-wook together on those eps of “Running Man,” but I dunno about a LDW sageuk. It’ll be his first and sageuks are not my favorite.
  • None of the upcoming dramas look very appealing, to be honest. Song Seung-heon and Shin Se-kyung‘s “When A Man Loves” looks so run-of-the-mill, I really don’t care about the premise of “Gu Family Book.” “All About My Romance” is from the team of “Protect the Boss,” which I liked, but I’m not feeling the leads together. “God of the Workplace”…pass.

What about you guys? What are you watching and looking forward to?

(Image via Vogue Girl)