20130316_seoulbeats_DMTN_daniel2The biggest event in the K-pop this week was the news that DMTN‘s Daniel was being charged with using, no–selling, no–aiding in the sale of marijuana. Needless to say the reports, or translations of the reports, regarding Daniel’s situation with the marijuana charges have been misleading and misinformative–like saying that DMTN would all be doing solo activities for the time being which their company 2Works has denied. What is true is that Daniel is in trouble for aiding in the sale of marijuana and that he has left his position with Arirang‘s “Pops in Seoul” show.  Just how much trouble Daniel is in and how it will affect DMTN’s activities are still unknown. (SSTV, StarNews)


Other celebrities in trouble with the law and drugs are actresses Park Si-yeon, Lee Seung-yeon, and Jang Mi In Ae and entertainer Hyun Young and their supposed abuse of the drug Propofol.  All four have been indicted for misuse of the drug with Park Si-yeon alleged getting 185 injections over the past year, Lee 111 times, Jang 95, and Hyun Young 42. They all are claiming that they only used the drugs per their physicians’ directions for various medical treatment and aesthetics care. Other than the fact that no drug should be misused, Propofol isn’t a drug to be trifled with–it was listed as the main drug that caused the death of Michael Jackson. (NewsKhan, JoongAngDaily, ScientificAmerican)


On Love:

  • Actors  Shin Hyun-joon (44; Ohh La La Couple, Cain and Abel, Stairway to Heaven) and Seo Ji-seok (31; High Kick 3, Manny, OBGYN) both announced their plans to get married this year. Shin will be marrying his fiancee, who is a 32 year old Korean-American Music Major on May 26th. Seo will wed his fiancee, a florist 5 years younger than him, on May 20130316_seoulbeats_sun_honeymoon18th. (OSEN, SportsDonga)
  • Gag Concert comedian Kim Jun-hyun announced on the last episode of the show his upcoming marriage to his girlfriend of four years on April 20th. (StarMK)
  • In his appearance on the talk variety show Thank You, G-Dragon showed off his cooking skills–or lack thereof, talked about his personal growth since his marijuana scandal, his embarrassment at  being dragged to ballet lessons by his mom and his pink tights, said that if the right person came along he would get married like–tomorrow, and his dreams of having a stable married life. (bntNews, wStarNews, XSportsNews)
  • ELLE Korea released the beautiful pictures from Sun‘s Honeymoon Pictorial in the Maldives. (StyleM)


On Music:

  • Girls’ Day make a comeback a little more sexier than you’d “Expect,” SS501‘s Heo Young-saeng makes a comeback with his 3rd solo mini Life and the MV for “The Art of Seduction,” Soul Dive release “You’re Are My Song” featuring Soul Man,Kim Tae-woo and Megan Lee sing about “Oppa,” virtual newlywed Jung In made a comeback with her 3rd mini That Woman and the MV for her title track “Those Obvious Words” starring Tiger JK and Jo Eun-ji, GLAM tries some trot beats “In Front of the Mirror,” actor Lee Min-ki released a single “Those Days I Had With You,” and G.Na made an accidental (?) comeback with “Oops!”

  • The soulful duo 2Bic released the mv for their song “Bye Bye Love.”

  • IVY releases “Memories of You” for the Incarnation of Money OST, Urban Zakapa‘s Jo Hyun-ah sings “Living is not Living” for the Hundred Year Inheritance OST, Soul Cry released “I Love You” for the IRIS 2 OST, and SNSD‘s Taeyeon releases “And One” for the OST of That Winter, The Wind Blows.
  • SHINee releases the full PV of their new Japanese release “Fire,”and Boyfriend released the short version PV of their Japanese release “Hitomi no Melody” which was used as the ending song on episode 44 of the anime Detective Conan.
  • Cube Entertainment tries for the Chinese crossover with 4 member group M4M who they developed with Chinese company Xing Tian.  They debuted with the song “Sadness” and their skills seem pretty legit.


On Life:

  • Singer Brian Joo started his own entertainment company B You Entertainment (BrianJooMuzik)
  • JB and JR of the JJ Project will both be on a drama together again. They made their debut on Dream High 2 and now will both have roles in the upcoming drama When A Man Loves scheduled to begin airing in April. (TVReport)
  • Block B‘s P.O. has been releasing several tracks off of his mix tape on YouTube.  Good to hear the Block B boys are keeping busy while their legal troubles play out

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