Happy Easter Sunday, everyone!

Down in the Southern hemisphere, winter is indeed on its way; but before that, we’ll be having the Season 3 premiere of Games of Thrones. Who’s excited?

HBO has been promoting their newest masterpiece everywhere, with posters, trailers and even this nifty little site that allows you to create your own sigil. And after seeing some K-pop related ones, I was inspired to make a few sigils for the House Of Seoulbeats:

JoinTheRealm_sigil (13)



JoinTheRealm_sigil (9)


You can make your own sigil here; don’t forget to share it in the comments! Meanwhile, those of you who have already read the books will find some understanding from Axis of Awesome (warning NSFW); and, those of you who don’t even watch the show:

 JoinTheRealm_sigil (17)

You are not alone.

(HBO, High Cut)