DJ and underground producer Primary has once again resurfaced and delivered the masses his very latest album, Primary and the Messengers. Earlier this week, my partner in crime and fellow writer Gil gave you “Poison,” Primary’s album pre-release featuring E-Sens, but today I come bearing the gift of Primary and the Messenger’s title track “물음표” or “Question Mark.”


First off, let’s talk MV. Three words: flirty, fun, and frisky. Zion T and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, who also feature in this number, become the stars of this MV. We open on Amoeba St., a quaint street sprinkled with lively characters in an environment from another world. All the objects are labeled black boxes, no windows, no walls, no doors. This takes our focus to the love story, and the standout subject of interest, the beautiful woman walking down Amoeba St.

The black and white color scheme keep the aesthetic clean and classy and the story is seemingly simple. Boy falls for girl and boys chases after her. Everything seems going great until Choiza spots the ring, and immediately knows its game over for this round. He backs out and we come to find that Zion T wears the other couple ring. It’s a cute twist on an old story, done entirely in a revamped setting.

I loved the ambiance set by the inclusion of the dancers. Zion T and Choiza bring plenty of swag but the tempo of the song is really put into artistic motion by the dancers and the way they roll through the city, animating the story as it unfolds. Speaking of song, let’s talk about how groove-tastic this jingle is.

“Question Mark” tells the story of a boy in love who is kind of playing 20 questions with himself. The song is a gentle melody with a steady rhythm, colored by the R&B and hip-hop feel that wraps up into a nice, easy listen.

Choiza rap is full of energy and is balanced by Zion T’s even harmony, and Primary takes his role at the keys to deliver the song. This is one of those tracks you put on and forget to take of repeat and only realize hours later. If you’re looking for a smooth jam, this is your jam.

Also, let me take a minute to appreciate the ingenuity in the construction of the MV. It’s so easy for hip-hop and R&B genre and K-pop to get overplayed by gaudy get ups and extravagant sets, but “Question Mark” keeps it simple and lets the song do all the talking. The entire MV is an artistic achievement and such a godsend of a break from glitzy and glamorized MV from the mainstream.

So, what do you think of Primary’s “Question Mark?” Does it have you swooning yet?

(Amoeba Culture, amoebakorea)