• http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    It’s such an uplifting song. :)

    And also, kudos to him for rapping so long. That may seem silly, but…I don’t know, it’s something I noticed? My knowledge of rapping in Korea is limited at best, but from what I have heard, I feel like there’s often a break for a vocalist to sing the chorus…? Like I said, I could be wrong, but I liked how E Sens rapped most of the song. :)

  • Nabeela


  • Nabeela


    • Ariel2003

      Hey welcome back your snarky writing style has been greatly missed. I like your insightful look at Primary and E-Sens’ collaboration the video reminds me of a gregorian monk chanting for redemption with lyrics that speaks volumes of what I sometimes feel and think. I’m very selective when it comes to rap it’s not my preferred musical style but I appreciate it when it’s thoughtfully produced. Now I’m very curious to see what the collaboration between Infinite H and Primary sounds like. 

  • http://twitter.com/SrilathaR Srilatha Rajamani

    A journey through pain and towards personal redemption. I am glad I chose to see the video with English translation. Kudos to the artist.

  • Paloma

    Out of all the singles Primary has released so far as part of the “Primary and the Messengers” project I think this is the best one, and that’s a lot because both colaborations with Zion.T were soooo good. 

    The lyrics are so intense, and the song flows really good even if it doesn’t have a classical structure as you said, but the progression works as good. And the MV is fantastic, the way they played with the lights and shadows is beautiful and the colours great.

    • http://twitter.com/nadga13 Gil

      Primary’s work with Zion T is fantastic, especially the most recent one with “Question Mark” but I thought the entire album was fantastic. Primary has a serious talent not just in producing and composing music but selecting the right artists to feature in his songs. Choiza and Zion T played off each other so well in their latest release and I want more Primary/Zion T collabs.

      The instrumental and rap lines are completely different but they parallel each other so well.  If I am not mistaken the background vocals near the ends are Zion T’s but I couldn’t find conformation on that…

      • Paloma

        I didn’t realize the vocals towards the end sound like Zion.T, but now that you say it’s totally possible.

        Every single Primary/Zion.T collab is golden, my favorite is still “See Through” but probably because I haven’t listened to “Question Mark” enough yet. And I think it’s not as much a collaboration as let’s say Choiza or Gaeko or E-Sens featuring in Primary’s tracks, Zion.T actually does work with him — Infinite H’s upcoming album is produced by both Primary and Zion.T so although it’s not the same, it means they do work together. Which is grrrreat.

        • http://twitter.com/nadga13 Gil

          Yeah, it does sound an awful lot like Zion. T and he has such a unique voice that it’s fairly easy to identify. 

          I think Amoeba Culture is prepping him atm with all his features and work with Primary who is fairly well known, I really really really hope that there is a full album in the works. 

          Hmm, I don’t follow infinite but I’m still quite excited for that album, I trust the two to make some great music

  • mumfords

    this song has been on my replay list for weeks. primary is a wonderful producer and e-sense’s rapping was great. the lyrics though are what makes this song for me. they just strike so many chords within me and it is definitely one of my favorite primary songs :)

  • BasilWinchesterTheThird

    An absolutely fantastic song. I’m completely in love with the whole album. And I think Primary brings out the best in Zion T, I love each and every collaboration of theirs.
    Albums like these make me feel so glad I started listening to kpop which lead me to discover other korean artists that are less known but make incredible music, especially in the hip hop genre.