We’ve made it more than halfway through our SB Midyear Wrap-up poll series!

Idols these days have a tough job: not only do they have to work hard to sell their music, but they also have to sell their image and their concept as well. As concepts are constantly being interchanged within the K-pop sphere, having a fitting and novel concept for a debut or a comeback often can have a direct effect on the promotional success of an artist.

For this poll, we would like to ask our readers to decide on their favorite concept from the first six months of K-pop in 2012.

(Please note that only groups or individuals with very distinctive concepts during this time frame were considered as nominees).

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Polls close one week after their start date. Also, please be advised that we reserve the right to close down the comments section once it reaches the fever pitch at which the comments may begin to adversely affect the viewing experience of other readers on this site.

Happy polling!

This poll is now closed. Thank you for voting!

(Images via JYP Entertainment, CCM Entertainment)