Once upon a time, in a faraway land called South Korea, there lived a beautiful maiden named Tia. Tia was part of a group known as Chocolat, which struck out in South Korea and used their unique background to their advantage, but failed to achieve desired success. Despite this, Tia and her group continued to strive in South Korea. Tia did her part by appearing on variety programs, interviews, dramas, and even modelling. But when she could, Tia would steal away to her dark, quiet attic to collect herself.


Dressed in her Converse shoes, denim short, and O2ND blouse, Tia rolled out a blanket and searched her straw trunk for new things to wear. In it she found a straw hat, which she quickly put on her head to complete her quaint Pippy Longstockings-esque look. Deciding her outfit wasn’t suitable, she rummaged for new clothes to wear and pulled out a Freddy top, Roxy denim shorts and bag, and Jill by Jill Stuart floral hat. To complete her look, Tia put on some fake glasses. But even now Tia was dissatisfied, deciding that her outfit was too boring.

At a loss of what to wear, Tia pulled on a fluffy white shirt over a fitted bronze skirt and laid on the floor. Staring at her hand with a look of melancholy, she pondered her life. Why was she in a suggestive photoshoot with a significantly older man? Why do her band mates get so little screen time compared to her? Why was there a close up on her shaking her boobs in the “One More Day” music video? Not sure how to answer these questions, Tia pulled her bushy hair back into a pony tail and slipped on a purple tank top and pale blue skirt. Dressed in her simple, laid-back look, she ate some doughnuts before going to play around with makeup.


 Tia tied a big white lace bow on her head, creating a dreamy and ethereal look. She then went to touch up her makeup: several coats of mascara, shimmery brown shadow around her eyes, and plenty of rouge on her cheeks. She took inspiration from the mori Japanese fashion style, and focused on looking as natural as possible. By doing this, Tia made herself look doll-like and demure. She placed a lollipop to her lips and took an impromptu selca to post on Twitter later.

The day was coming to a close and Tia was getting sleepy. She decided to finish playing around for the day and go to sleep. She had to be as prepared as possible for her group; they were struggling as it was. She returned everything to where it belonged and returned to the dormitory where Chocolat lived. There, she was greeted warmly by her band mates and went to sleep dreaming of stardom.

And that concludes our story for today, children. Tell me, did you enjoy Tia’s adventures in the dark, dimly lit attic? Did you find her attire cute?

(Sohee Lover)