Have you ever had a moment where you watched a music video and something comes up that makes you cringe? Yeah, I’ve had plenty of them, but after watching TVXQ’s dance version of “Before You Go” I decided to make a very incomplete list of moments that got me going WTF?! In order to shorten what would have otherwise been an extremely long list I decided to go with moments that I felt garnered reactions that were not expected. Many music videos have moments where the person watching is expected to respond with “What the…?” but these moments had me responding in ways these artists probably wouldn’t have expected. These are the moments that make me want to cover my computer screen when someone walks by as if I was looking at something I shouldn’t.

In no particular order these are the moments that made me cringe:

Trouble Maker: Hyunseung grabbing at Hyuna’s crotch. That’s just too close for comfort. Also, later at the end of the video Hyuna drops a lighter onto an obviously previously gas soaked carpet. I’m sorry but how is it possible that you didn’t smell that Hyunseung? It wasn’t like a small spot on the carpet. When it was lit there was a long line of flames that separated you from her.  So you can solve a mystery but you can’t figure out what the mysterious smell is that’s burning your nose hairs?

Demon: When Jay Park suddenly wakes up in Demon with a girl over his bed. I can’t tell you how hard I laughed the first time I saw that. How do you go from being in a coma like sleep to waking up rap battle ready? Honestly it never gets old.

I Am the Best (Japanese version): When CL rapped in English… come on ladies and gentlemen. This is lyrical genius at its finest. Now back to my regularly scheduled sentiment.  CL does a lot of things well but this is not one of them. Her English rap was plain terrible.  Who wrote those lyrics? Please direct me to them so I can have them arrested. Those lyrics are a crime to humanity.

U Go Girl (Hyori): When Hyori answers the call to one of her gentleman friends what ensues is plain confusing.

Phone Conversation:

Guy: Ay Hyori
Hyori: What’s Up?
Guy: What you been doin’?
Hyori: Why?
Guy: Let’s roll baby
Hyori: Um, okay.

What? Did I miss something? How did that even remotely make sense? You took the words right out of my mouth Hyori. Um…okay?

The Boys: Now you know this article would be incomplete without mention of that infamous bird in SNSD’s “The Boys.” Even though the whole time they were singing about bringing boys out I never saw one. But you know what I did see? I said the bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word. At the end of the song when I thought maybe, just maybe Minho, Siwon or some other SM boy band member was going to pop out of the shadows, here comes that damn bird (which had absolutely nothing to do with the song) to ruin any falsely built up hope.

Rocket Girl (Stellar): Besides this whole music video being a WTF moment, I think the part that adds the cherry on top is when Eric starts rapping and everyone whether bad or good, alive or dead starts dancing. Eric, Eric, Eric. What were you thinking? After hearing the atrocity that was this song, I demand you apologize to my ears right now.

One More Day (Chocolat): When the mystery man under the paper bag starts dancing with the group. Um, tell me why you’re dancing again? I do not quite understand.  And how is it possible that you see with that bag over your head? And… weren’t you just tied up? My first reaction after being untied would have been to escape especially since you have x-ray vision superpowers to see through the bag over your head, but to each their own?

The winner though goes to TVXQ. Whether it’s been together or in their separate respective groups they have managed to make me go WTF?! more times than I can count. And as much as I despise myself for it, I keep coming back for more. Darn you talented sasaeng magnets! There’s just too much to go into detail. It’s better that you just experience it yourself.

Wrong Number: Jaejoong’s rhyming of fish and cash… I’m not even about to play with that. Amy, I feel your pain!

Purple Line: Yoochun’s “I really want to touch myself” moment and Yunho’s chipmunk rapping and strange dancing.

Ayy Girl: Their slow motion run to the camera and fall. Was that supposed to be sexy? I’m excusing the bad graphics of this video because it’s hard to be on top of your game after a break up, but there is no excuse whatsoever for that apron Junsu is wearing.

Before You Go: Yunho and his Fabio wind erotic stare moment. But not far behind, here comes Changmin with his version equipped with arm action as well. I just want to know where this wind came from. How is it possible that your shirts are now unbuttoned and a mysterious gust of wind is blowing your direction in a closed off room? Is Lee Soo Man breathing on you?

Balloons: The whole music video. No, but seriously. And now for a moment that will stay in your nightmares dreams for eternity. The most epic part; when Jaejoong pops up like a creeper.

These are some of the moments that left me cringing. What are yours?