Phew! Every day we had a different front-runner, a different underdog, and a different dark horse, but after one long, hard week, Wonder GirlsSunye, who had previously collected the titles of Miss Seoulbeats and Ideal Idol Girl Group Leader, is now officially also Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize. Sunye managed to conquer 36.8% of the vote with Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Yunho coming in 2nd place with 25.93% of the vote and SNSD’s Seohyun coming in 3rd place with 19.42% of the vote.

With a poll like that however, as cliché as it might sound, there are no “winners.” Each nominee in the category has in some shape or form dedicated a significant amount of their time and effort to the greater good. Debating and arguing over whose service has been more significant is arbitrary and in many ways, defeats the purpose of good will. Is one good deed really better than another?

But alas and we’re shifting gears to this week’s poll: Most Likely to Design a Fashion Line.

K-entertainment is in a surplus and abundance when it comes to style and fashion. If you’re like me, sifting through even a few images of some of my favorite K-star sends me into an envious rage that motivates me to replace my entire wardrobe with the vogue fashions of Korean celebrity. That being said, there are definitely those who shine brighter than the rest, those who make us drip with fashion envy, those who, god damn it, should just share their secrets with us! Some of these nominees have expressed desire to go into fashion; some of our nominees are just fresh to death dressers. Either way, they should bless us with a slice of style.

Give us the next Versace, the next Chanel, the next Yves Saint Laurent, Seoulmates!

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