Hope you guys like JYP because if you guys have it your way, you’re going to be see him idoling about for the rest of his life.

Coming in at 1st place for Most Likely to Be An Idol Forever is Park Jin-young with 48.43% of the vote, Lee Seung-gi with 22.16% of the vote at 2nd place, and Shinhwa‘s Eric with 13.43% of the vote at 3rd place. JYP is without a doubt the sunbae of the idolsphere. Sure, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment are headed by former idols themselves but JYP is the only ex-idol who, in many ways, is still an idol. Years after his heyday, he’s still churning out songs and whipping out dances for our entertaining pleasure and you know what, if he wants to do this for the rest of his life, we’ll take him!

And it’s been fun and all but alas, we find ourselves at the end of these polls so with this final round, make it count and decide who is Most Likely to Get Married.

From real idol couples to fake idol couples, while we may believe that idol couples are far and in between, with the increasing popularity of fake couple shows and idols being more open about their relationships, they’re quite commonplace. And while the idol universe isn’t the best place for dating, some of these couples work out. Like, really work out. So of all these relationships, our question for you this week is: which idol couple will make it to the hallmark of relationships–marriage?

Prepare yourselves, Seoulmates; winter is coming!

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And I know, I know, if the Yubi couple were nominated they would blow everyone out of the park but let’s try not to cry about their absence in this poll.