Imagine walking into a department store, walking by Dior, Gucci, and coming across The Baddest Female?! Coming in first place for Most Likely to Design a Fashion Line in our yearbook superlatives is none other than 2NE1’s CL with 34.58% of the vote, SHINee’s Key in 2nd place with 27.71% of the vote, and Big Bang’s TOP and T-ara’s Hyomin tied in 3rd place with 14.69% of the vote each.

CL has been called everything and anything by the fans of K-pop but across the board, everyone can agree that this girl has some got a something, something that makes her stand out from the rest. And her fashion is definitely part of that. With her bright colors, edgy textures, and stylistic freshness, she has managed to carve out a unique, visual persona for 2NE1 as well as herself. The fashion of South Korea has traditionally stuck to light colors, soft fabrics, and simplicity and sophistication; CL, however, is changing that.

Now, it’s time to laugh because this week, we’re searching for: Most Likely to Become the Next Big Gagman or Gagwoman.

From the LOLS to the ROFLS, idols not only make us smile, they also make us laugh. And with variety circuit having become a critical component of idoldom, this is a skill that some have perfected so well, our intestines might as well go on strike every time they open their mouths.

May the force be with you, Seoulmates!

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