Well there wasn’t much debate about that one, now was there? Coming in 1st place for Most Likely to Become the Next Big Gagman, with flying colors, is 2AM’s Jo Kwon with 45.46% of the vote, Super Junior’s Heechul with 30.31% of the vote and miss A’s Min with 7.86% of the vote at 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

While all of these lads and lassies are hilarious in their own way, most of them seem to remain within society’s standards for decorum and propriety — except for Jo Kwon of course. Although he may have one of the most beautiful voices in K-pop, for better for worse, it’s his outrageous and rambunctious personality that has caught the minds and hearts of fans everywhere. He doesn’t care for rules or games; he just does whatever he wants, when he wants and that is a freshness that we crave in this script heavy, manner laden idol world. When he does, in fact, become the next big Gagman, we can say we said it first!

But time for everyone to quiet down and have a splash of elegance and sophistication thrown into their champagne because this week, we’ll be awarding: Most Likely to Win an Oscar!

Dramas and films are slowly but surely becoming idol infested and while we absolutely idolize these guys and gals, let’s have a moment of honesty here: they’re not that great. But does that mean Korea lacks in the acting department? Oh, no. Korea is chock full of dramatic persons and we want to know who you guys think will be recognized by one of the highest honors in film, the Oscars!

Who do you like, Seoulmates? Who do you really, really like?

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