We’re back with another entry to fill in our K-pop Yearbook!

Last week, you guys voted on which Korean actor would be Most Likely to Win an Oscar a few years down the road, and the results came out as follows: Lee Byung-hun came in first place with an overwhelming 48.41% of the vote, the lovely Son Ye-jin came in second with 18.26% of the vote, and Song Kang-ho came in third with 12.73% of the vote. Congratulations to Lee Byung-hun! Just so you know, I’m now looking forward  to seeing your ruggedly handsome face (and wonderfully sculpted body) on the big screen, in Hollywood, any day now. You better not disappoint!

Next up, we are looking for someone to tag as Most Likely to Be An Idol Forever.

You know which people I’m talking about. Those individuals that just can’t seem to stay away from the stage and the spotlight, coming back year after year to show us what they’ve got. They may think they possess a timeless appeal and stage presence, but we’ve also got to admit that either now or someday in the future, they will probably be having a hard time reconciling with the fact that maybe, just maybe, they should consider relinquishing their spotlight to younger generations of entertainers to come.

So who will it be, Seoulmates? Who is it that has taken a sip from the fountain of eternal K-pop?

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