After what initially seemed like an all-kill win last week for Big Bang‘s G-Dragon as Most Likely to Become CEO of Their Own Company, JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong, like always, ended up decimating the rest of the competition, coming out on top with 49.84% of the vote, followed by G-Dragon with 27.77% of the vote, and BoA with 15.88% of the vote.

With Jaejoong winning any and every poll, his victory may seem suspect, especially since his general attitudes and behavior don’t necessarily correspond to someone who would ideally be put in a leadership position, an essence that is best reflected in his rejection of the opportunity to be Dong Bang Shin Ki‘s leader. But both the times and situations have changed and Jaejoong has proven that he has a creatively minded, business streak. He has taken the lead in composing/writing many of Dong Bang Shin Ki/JYJ’s songs and he has taken creative and administrative control over many of his professional relationships. Many of the top companies are headed by former idols that took the same kind of initiatives that Jaejoong takes now and so, it is quite plausible and probably that Jaejoong will one day create his own idol groups and eventually head his own company.

But now that that is said and done, Seoulbeats wants you to consider who you think would be Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize.

While it is commonplace in idoldom to be polite and mannered, there are idols that have taken the initiatives to provide and service the greater and larger community directly. From fundraising funds and to organizing service projects, these idols are striving towards the realization of social, political, and economic ideals. After the sun sets on these stars and they continue onto a path of other pursuits and/or interests, who is most likely to continue bettering and furthering mankind and achieve the highest possible recognition for such a commitment, the Nobel Peace Prize?

Do your work, Seoulmates!

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