As if these polls would go away!

For our last couple of polls, we asked you for the realization of your ultimate ideals in K-entertainment. Whether it is your ideal type or your ideal group, this time, we’re changing things up a bit. For our this poll, we’re going to be asking you to remove your favorite idols from the traditional, pop and performance modality and think above and beyond. Imagine your idols, who sing to our hearts, dance to our bodies, and perform to our souls, post-idoldom. After all, in the famous words of Andre 3000, “If nothing lasts forever, then what makes [K-pop] the exception?”

And the first poll to start us off on this fantastically elastic adventure is Most Likely to become CEO of Their Own Company.

While idols are traditionally performers who are all about the energy and the show, some idols have shown us that they’re about the creation as well. And while having demonstrated an interest in creating their own products, they’ve also managed to present themselves as leaders, who are willing to foster ideas and see their realization — a quality that requires a specific and yet undefinable combination of creativity, confidence, and charisma. While we live in the days of Kim Young-Min, Yang Hyun-Suk, and Jeong Wook, this might all change in a few years. You might see one of your favorite idols of the here and now, the CEO leading idols in the there and that.

So who’s it going to be, Seoulmates?

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And as always, give each other hugs and kisses in the comments section — not vitriol.