In the last Baby Talk, Nabeela and I broke down the first five episodes of Hello Baby Season 5 and gave our opinions on the multi-culturalism, parenting, and who we want to be our baby daddy.

And in this week’s Baby Talk  there is a lot to discuss as the MBLAQ Appas are in a valiant quest for mothers in Episodes 6 and 7.

Episode 6: Quality time with Mir and Joon.

  • Seungho, G.O., and Thunder a given a break as Mir and Joon go out to bond with the children.
  • Dayoung and Lauren choose Joon as their second favorite, while Leo chooses Mir out of pity. Aw.
  • Joon and Mir look more excited than the three kids when the family is at Pororo Park.
  • The MBLAQ dads start their quest for an Umma while trying to hit on various female idols. Gil’s inner feminist rages.

Episode 7: Mommy Auditions

  • The boys start an intensive PR campaign to find the perfect Umma.
  • Umma should be pretty, rich, and a background in child education is preferred. *headdesk*
  • Everyone dolls up to meet the five women auditioning for Hello Wife. When did it go from Mommy to Wife?
  • The five glamorous Ummas step out and strut their stuff. MBLAQ boys spazz.
  • The women are given quality time to spend with Dayoung, Lauren, and Leo while the MBLAQ boys look on and evaluate.

While it is hard for five young men to take care of three toddlers, I kind of found the whole Mommy audtion unecessary. And it took away from the whole Father-child interactions that I loved in the past five episodes. I was also not too thrilled with the requirements and the emphasis on a mother being beautiful. Of course both me and Nabeela would be wonderful candidates, but whatever you do don’t make us sing or dance.

What are your thoughts? Did you like the Mommy Auditions or were you hoping for some Daddy-Child interactions? Spazz, squeal and analyse to your hearts content below!