Welcome to our final installment of The Perfect Boy Group!

Over the last few weeks, you guys have hand-picked G-Dragon as the leader of the group, Jonghyun as the main vocalist, Taemin as the lead dancer, and T.O.P as the rapper.

Last week, you guys voted on who would make the best visual for our boy group: Infinite’s Myungsoo came in third with 6.95% of the vote, SHINee’s Minho came in second with 37.11% of the vote, and last but not least, JYJ’s Jaejoong came in first with 42.55% of the vote, securing his well-deserved spot on the team!

This week, we will are recruiting for someone to fulfill the variety-gold role of “Personality” in the group. This person should have enough good humor and tricks up his sleeve to make us all smile and laugh until it hurts.

Who do you think would make the best “Personality” as the final member of our Perfect Boy Group?

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