And now we continue building our Perfect Boy Group!

Previously, you guys designated G-Dragon to be the leader of the group, Jonghyun to be the main vocalist, and Taemin to be the lead dancer.

Last week, you guys voted on who you thought would make the best rapper for the group, and the results came out as follows: Beast’s Junhyung took third place with 10.65% of the vote, SHINee’s Key took second place with 36.64%% of the vote, and Big Bang’s T.O.P took first place with 38.36% of the vote.

Congratulations to T.O.P for making it on the team!

This week, we are searching for someone that you think would make the perfect “face” of the group.

The “visual” is the group’s representative in the looks department, and will likely be front and center during photoshoots and CF deals. He should have that special x-factor that grabs the public’s attention from the get-go, and effortlessly make legions of fangirls (and perhaps fanboys, too) swoon at the slightest glance.

Which of these guys do you think would make the perfect “visual” for our group?

The poll is now closed. Thank you for voting!

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