Lets continue building our Perfect Girl Group!

Previously, you guys designated Sunye to be the leader of the group, Taeyeon to be the main vocalist, and Hyoyeon to be the lead dancer.

Last week, you guys voted on who you thought would make the best rapper for the group, and the results came out as follows: Wonder Girls’ Yoobin took third place with 12.39% of the vote, f(x)’s Amber took second place with 23.66% of the vote, and 2NE1’s very own baddest female CL took first place with 45.48% of the vote. Congratulations to CL for making it on the team!

This week, we are searching for someone that you think would make the perfect “face” of the group.

K-pop is not only a sound-based medium but also a visual one, and the success of a group is often dependent not only on their performance quality, but also on their looks. In a society obsessed with perfect appearances, the designated “visual” is often able to capture the love and attention of the public far more efficiently than the other group members, regardless of performance skill on stage. The “visual” of the group needs to represent the group as a whole, and have that special x-factor that opens up certain monetary opportunities for the group such as CF endorsements and magazine photoshoots.

Which of these girls do you think would make the perfect “visual” for our group?

The poll is now closed. Thank you for voting!

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