Welcome to our final installment of The Perfect Girl Group!

Over the last few weeks, you guys have hand-picked Sunye as the leader of the group, Taeyeon as the main vocalist, Hyoyeon as the lead dancer, and CL as the rapper.

Last week, you guys voted on who would make the best visual for our girl group. The results came out as follows: Wonder Girls’ Sohee came in third with 12.72% of the vote, T-ara’s Jiyeon came in second with 25.62% of the vote, and finally, SNSD’s Yoona came in first with 34.99% of the vote, safely securing her spot on the team!

This week, we are looking to fulfill the final member of the group, to take on the role of the “Personality.” This person should be able to shine in the variety show arena, effortlessly drawing laughter and smiles from the crowd with their own unique brand of humor, sass, and wit. A pinch of that good old 4-D quality might also help them turn heads as well.

Who do you think would make the best “Personality” as the final member of our Perfect Girl Group?

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