We’re sure you’ve looked at K-pop groups in the past and wondered to yourself, “If I take X from Group A, Y from Group B, and Z from Group C, they’d make the ultimate perfect K-pop group.” Well, here’s your chance to do so.

The Seoulbeats team is always entertaining ideas on just who would make the best leader, the best singer, the best dancer, the best rapper, the best face, and the best personality, all key ingredients to a K-pop group. Hence this poll, where you draft your perfect idol group. Think of these polls as the K-pop idol equivalent of Fantasy [insert your favorite sport here], with twice as much angst and fandom in-fighting!

This week we’re going to start off by choosing who you think would make the best leader in a girl group. Who do you think would make the best Leader in a Girl Group?

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As an ETA because we’re getting so many questions: the reason why you might not see some of your personal picks for best leader is that we felt she might be better suited in another category. Like mentioned in this post, sometimes members hold more than one title in a group so even if CL might be a great leader, she might be more indispensable as a rapper than a leader, which is why we didn’t include her in this round.

This poll is now closed. Thank you for your votes!