Because boy and girl groups function so differently in K-pop, we’re letting you build an ideal girl group and boy group instead of going the co-ed route. There are some seriously beloved leaders in K-pop, but who do you think would make the best leader? Remember to take into consideration that some leaders hold both the leader title and the vocals title, but are better suited at being leaders. Also, as a rule, anybody who gets featured in one category won’t appear in another category.

Who’s your pick for best Leader in a Boy Group?

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As an ETA because we’re getting so many questions: the reason why you might not see some of your personal picks for best leader is that we felt he might be better suited in another category. Like mentioned above, sometimes members hold more than one title in a group so even if Yunho, for example, might be a great leader, he might be more indispensable as a dancer than a leader.

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