And now we continue building our Perfect Boy Group!

In the previous weeks, you readers have chosen G-Dragon to be the leader and Jonghyun to be the lead singer.

Last week, you guys voted on who would be the best choice for lead dancer, and the results came out as follows: Eunhyuk came in third with 21.49% of the vote, Yunho came in second with 21.76% of the vote, and Taemin came in first with 36.71% of the vote. Congratulations to Taemin for securing his spot in our group!

This week, we are going to turn our attention towards selecting the best rapper for our perfect boy group. The rapper of the group should be in charge of bringing swagger to the team, and also be able to effortlessly spit out verses with a unique and unrivaled sense of flow.

Who do you think is the best choice for the role of rapper in our idol group?

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The poll is now closed. Thank you for your votes!