Lee Joon and Lizzy are one of the couples on “Pit A Pat Shake,” K-pop’s latest and greatest fake-dating-esque variety show. The duo performed an acrobatic dance on the show for the Lunar New Year. There are all kinds of whack going on in this video, and I think one must watch the video from beginning to end in order to fully understand the degree of its WTFery.

There is a reason why men should never wear short shorts, and Joon is the perfect example why. The boy has a great body, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see him in short shorts.  I understand that, being a couple and all, they are supposed to match, but that doesn’t mean they have to wear the same exact outfit. Judging by the tightness of Joon’s outfit it seemed like he was wearing the same exact sized outfit as Lizzy. And not only is there are a lot of unnecessary leg showing, but the top features a deep V-neck.

Mentally scarring fashion choices aside, the dance was interesting, to say the least. It started out with them wearing capes and entering with dramatic music. From that alone, I’m legitimately confused as to whether or not this is some sort of parody or not. He proceeds to give Lizzy a rose, at which the both of them drop their capes like it’s hot…and then they suddenly launch into an acrobatic routine — if one could call it that. Honestly, I couldn’t see the acrobatic element of the dance at all. If anything, it reminded me of a Richard Simmons exercise video more. I was half expecting Richard Simmons to randomly teleport into the middle of the performance but alas, no show.

The song then suddenly changes to dramatic music with Lee Joon’s ballet skills making an entrance, but not long after, it switches back to nineties exercise music and finishes off with a dramatic prima donna flair.

I have to give Lizzy serious props for keeping a straight face throughout that whole performance, because I certainly couldn’t.

What are your thoughts? Was Joon a sexy ballerina or should he be forever banned from short shorts?