This week, we continue to build The Perfect Girl Group.

Last week you guys voted on who you think would make the Best Leader and the results are as follows: Kara’s Gyuri at 11.11%, T-ara’s Eunjung at 16.15%, and your overall pick for Best Leader, Wonder Girls’ Sunye, at 57.68%.

For this round, we want you to vote on one of the most important components of a group (some may argue it’s the most important), the ever elusive main vocalist. As more and more groups debut, there seems to be the horrifying trend of focusing less and less on tangible talent — singing included — and more on the frilly fluff.

Despite whatever hate K-pop might get, there are still plenty of great, young female vocalists in the current K-pop groups. Group bias aside, who do you think would make the best Singer in the Perfect Girl Group?

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