This is our second week of the Sunday Social. Just a reminder, this is an open forum to talk about anything that’s on your mind as of late.

To get things started…

  • I’m still tired from the partying with the Seoulcial Life crew after our shoot.  Love our team and was great hanging out with Cyn from asianpopaddict.   Can’t wait to see to see the episode air on Tuesday.
  • Currently looking for a replacement drama after “Protect the Boss” ended.  Started watching “My Fair Lady/Take Care of the Lady” staring Yoon Eunhye, Yoon Sang Hyun and Jung Ill-woo because of the two eye-candies, but any recommendations on what else I should watch?
  • Can’t believe that the weekend is halfway over!  And a bit upset that I don’t get Columbus Day off at work.
What are you guys up to?