There are a lot of K-pop group names that makes no sense what-so-ever. But, a group named C-real really went over the edge with their name.  To make matters worse, it’s pronounced cereal.

The name comes from the first letter of the members: Chemi, Re Dee, Effie, Ann J, and Lenny. If that’s the case? Why don’t they just call themselves Clear? Or Real-C? Or just anything else except C-Real?   I hope that their name doesn’t impede their careers because they are supposed to be “5 IU’s”.  They are all supposed to be super talented and cute just like IU and just that marketing tactic has won the full attention among the netizens.

C-Real released their 2nd teaser for the song “No No No No No.”  Before you hit the play button, let’s take a step back and reassess the severity of the situation.  Imagine the MC of the music program introducing the new group, “Now here’s C-Real’s , ‘no, no, no, no no!'”   Is it just me or does that sound more like a kid who doesn’t want cereal for breakfast.  Anyways, two teasers below:

C-Real are not so bad but they are not that interesting either.  They are set to release their first album on October 12th and although the teasers are not that interesting with pretty lame dance moves, they definitely have my full attention with their common name.   Will they be on their radar too?

(Star News)