The balladeers of 8Eight have just released a new single, “You are Amazing”, in preparation for their upcoming mini-album.

Here’s the teaser (featuring Joo Hee and Baek Chan):

(Did you catch the English at the beginning? I’m positive he says ‘Hi, Joo Hee.’ and she says, ‘Hi.’)

Here’s the audio:

I like the song. It’s got a nice, relaxed, summer vibe to it, and reminds me of when I actually had a vacation around now. (Alas, no longer.) If the rest of the album is like this, I can totally envision relaxing on a rooftop in summer sunset with some cold drinks, good friends and the new 8Eight album playing in the background. (What? I have an active imagination!)

Happy summer, folks!

(youtube 1, 2)