Am I the only person who was creeped out by this video by newcomer boyband Boyfriend? Check out the video to the song, which was named after the group and is appropriately titled “Boyfriend.”

The group will be formally debuting on M!Countdown tomorrow (May 26th) and has caught attention for looking like they’ve just stepped out of a manhwa. I don’t know, guys – K-pop’s pretty saturated with pretty boy comic book hero look-a-likes as is, but watching the “Boyfriend” MV marked the first time I actually had to stop and say to myself, “Are these guys actually human, or were they constructed pixel-by-pixel on 3D Studio Max?”

Boyfriend is unique in that there’s a pair of twins in the group, who have been informally deemed as the real-life “Go Mi-nam/Go Mi-nyu” of the group…which makes no sense seeing as the real-life twins are both boys, but whatever. The average age of the band is around 16, which isn’t a new phenomenon on the K-pop scene…but I dare say that they sure seem to be playing to the noonas in their video for “Boyfriend,” and it sure seems to be working. As a younger-aged K-popper, this is one of the few instances where I’m old enough to be a noona to the members of a K-pop boy group…and it feels nice. Pardon the creeping.

Of course, it totally figures that my typically icy-cold heart is melting at the sight of six boys that look like very polished CGI figures. But it’s not to say that the members perform in a robotic or uninspired manner – their choreography is hella sharp and they’ve got tons of energy. There’s just something about them that seems a little too glossy and a little too polished for me. But as much as Boyfriend creeps me out, I’m inclined to believe that their polish as a rookie boyband is putting them a few steps ahead of the bajillion other rookie K-pop groups out there. I’m still raising an eyebrow at this group, but I’ve got my eyes on them.