Via his Official YouTube channel, Jay Park released a teaser for his first solo mini album Take A Deeper Look.  Not much is given away in the teaser, check it out.

His mini album will have six tracks on it and Jay participated in the composition of all six songs.  Guests featured on the album are The Quiett, DOK2, and fellow AOM member Cha Cha Malone.  The songs on the mini album will reflect a number of different genres including R & B, hip-hop, and dance and is supposed to reflect a more mature Jay Park.

Take A Deeper Look, which has reached 50,000 in pre-sales, will be released on April 27th and Jay Park is scheduled to perform at the 2011 Korean Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl on the 30th.  For those that have stood by Jay through thick and thin, I hope that after taking a deeper look they’re not disappointed.

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