Oh, yeah.  You know after watching Big Bang on Mnet’s Sound Plex, I thought to myself who would I want on the show next?  C. N. Blue. I mean who else out there in Kpop land has the most to prove with a live performance and intimate interview?

C.N. Blue will appear on the April 23rd episode and respond to the many criticisms they have faced and gave candid answers about the prejudices the experienced after their debut as an ‘idol’ band.  The band also talked of how they were able to endure these hardships due to the close relationship of the members. Here’s a short preview of their episode.

I think that C.N. Blue received so much criticism because their debut was so HUGE.  The buzz about them, even before their debut due to Yong-hwa’s appearance in You’re Beautiful, was something that really put them under the microscope and when their debut single “I’m A Loner” was accused of plagiarism many wrote them off as all hype and no substance.  The thing I like about C.N. Blue is that they didn’t just sit around and complain about how they were being treated unfairly, they kept their heads up, kept performing, kept churning out great songs, and kept growing as artists by taking a bigger role in composition of their own songs.  The best way to shut up critics has always been to shove a great performance down their throats, so I’ll definitely be tuning in.

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