Most of us probably have cell phones to communicate with our family and friends. However,  members of girl group SECRET admitted that they still did not have any mobile phones of their own!

It’s been so long that they’ve even “forgotten what cell phones are even used for”. While they still yearned to have a personal cell phone (especially since Smartphones with a variety of applications have been released into the market), leader Hyosung revealed, “There’s nothing uncomfortable about not having one. Since all of us equally don’t have one, there aren’t many big problems.”

It is said that debuting under a major entertainment company with solid backing would probably guarantee you a certain level of success. However, SECRET debuted from a start-up company and had to rely on pure hard work to achieve their current popularity. In order to ensure that they continued to have team solidarity, the members were not allowed to have their own cell phones.

The past 16 months weren’t exactly smooth-sailing for the girls, but their experiences in the industry made them stronger and cemented their determination to do well as singers, so much that the members don’t even request to use handphones at all. The director of their entertainment agency (TS Entertainment), Won Geun-young, stated, “Depending on your viewpoint, the rule may seem forceful from the company’s end, but we’re very thankful for the members’ understanding. We’re also proud of them as well.” He then added that the company will be gifting all 4 members with the latest cell phones for their 2nd anniversary.

Honestly speaking, it’d probably be the end of the world if I didn’t have my cell phone with me, and I can only imagine how hard it must have been for the girls not to have personal mobile phones. But was this rule really necessary in the first place?

(nate, secret four)