Disclaimer: No, we’re not trying to clandestinely make Seoulbeats an R-rated site. We just report the news, folks. And when the news is about Jaejoong wanting to kiss (his wife!) in a bubble-filled bathtub…well, there’s not much we can do about that.

The members of JYJ recently had an interview with MBN Entertainment Magazine, during which the MC asked the trio what type of kisses each member liked.

Seriously? Who asks that during an interview? The awkwardness potential for such a question is stratospheric, but Jaejoong handled it, um, smoothly by responding, “I want to do a bathtub kiss…with my wife after I marry with bubbles in the tub…”

Something like this, I suppose?

Junsu was quick to interject by saying that they couldn’t risk giving the broadcast an “over-19” rating with such a comment. This is coming from the guy who sang a song that talked about “stroking you like an ‘arperregio'” less than a year ago, but okay.

This episode of MBN’s Entertainment Magazine will be airing tomorrow at 12:30pm KST.