And, sadly, there are no remedies or medications you can take for “Secret Garden” fever. It’s best to just marathon the season all over again, or watch each and every parody out there in KPOPland.

Please make these track suits go away soon. My poor eyes cannot handle much more.

Newbie boyband, and one of my favorites (as I’ve mentioned numerous times)- Teen Top– have made a “Secret Garden” parody of their own. The boys made the parody as a treat for their fans to celebrate their 200th (day) debut anniversary  at a fan meeting in January, and the scene will air on the GomTV reality show, “Making the Artist Teen Top Season 2”.

I bet the tweenybopper fangirls are really looking forward to this since there are already so many L.Joe-Chunji conspiracies out there.

  (SPN daily)