Cassiopeia has held this title religiously for as long as they have had it.

But with the recent scandals surrounding the Rising Gods of the East, the camp has become split over many things. Though a part of me dies to see Cassies rip each other’s heads off on YouTube comments or forum discussions, people who are fans of JYJCassies, former Cassies, and everyone else will finally have the opportunity to make their love official.

JYJ’s current agency, C-Jes Entertainment, has announced the opening of a fan club. Membership, which befittingly opens up on Valentine’s Day, will include a plethora of benefits including, but not limited to: fan meetings, special gifts, newsletters, and concert schedules.

Fandom is the thing that keeps idols alive so it’s nice to JYJ giving the people that support them some personal love; I just hate to think of the consequences this has on Cassiopeia.

Any ideas on what they will be called?