Welcome back to another episode of Buzzbeats.

This is the first time we’re circling back to a topic that has been discussed before. When I was handed the responsibility of Buzzbeats, the first topic brought to the table was “How We Got Into K-pop.” During this podcast, Lo, and I recounted our encounters with the genre. This time around, we leave it to Cy to answer what we first asked ourselves.

How we got here is great and all, but what keeps us here? Is the music? Choreography? Creativity? The three of us answer this question as well as provide elements that could cause us to leave K-pop behind us.

Warning: there are mentions of suicide and cultural issues such as blackface. Also profanity usage in this episode.

I have plans to bring back the topic with other members with Seoulbeats, so please look out for that!

This is the last time I will apologize for the audio quality. The issue wasn’t with the equipment, but the recording software and its settings within. The beast has been conquered and exists no longer.

See you guys on the next episode coming in August!

(Additional music: bensound.com; Images via Grazia, Seoulbeats)